iSquareD, a charitable trust that was incubated by it to explore social enterprises.
iSquareD or i2D takes its name from the 3 words “Innovation, Internet and Development.”


iSquareD, is hosting Water Pressure - A Centre for Water Enquiries (CWE). CWE will provide a digital platform for any and all water-related actions, resources, research, media, campaigns, supply chains, marketing, etc.

CWE will also serve as the platform for all forthcoming initiatives such as the Community Stewardship of Water (CSW), Community-guaranteed Water Credits (CgWCs), CO2 Credits (which will be marketed as Wild Carbon Credits) and other initiatives such as WaterSmart produce.

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60% of Indians are dependent on firewood to cook their daily meal. That’s over a 100 million households!

And in the process, they are not just contributing to widespread deforestation; they are slowly killing themselves.

Women who cook and spend time near the fire are typically exposed to very high levels of indoor air pollution for between 3 and 7 hours per day over many years. Young children are exposed to smoke from early infancy.

Exposure to indoor air pollution can lead to acute lower respiratory infections in children under five, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases in adults and blindness.

WHAT IS Chulika?

Most people in rural India depend on biomass fuels (wood, dung, crop residues, leaf litter, coal) for their energy needs. Stoves that use such fuels have a low efficiency: a large percentage of the fuel energy is lost as Products of Incomplete Combustion (PICs). These PICs include gas methane, which has a greenhouse effect many times greater than CO2.

Chulika is an energy efficient biomass cookstove designed to address both substance and style. And it delivers! Today, Chulika offers one of the best performances of any biomass cookstove in India. While many energy efficient cookstoves have been designed and produced in India and overseas, the absence of a clearly certified link between these stoves, its thermal efficiency, Particulate Matter and reduced Carbon emissions has meant that a woman often got more hype than stove.

But now, with Chulika, this can change.

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